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Your gourmet hotel in the Dolomites:
Gourmet are welcome!

Where the natural warmth of people, an overwhelming nature, fine wine and many other delicious products come together, also a rich culinary tradition is to be found. In South Tyrol we cook as the country is – and you can perceive the beauty of our region with every delicious bite in our gourmet hotel in the Dolomites. Lovingly preserved original recipes, fine, personally selected ingredients and the pleasure to be able to cook an enchanting meal to you are exactly what delights gourmets among our guests.

Joy throughout the day

We cook the traditional South Tyrolean cuisine as well as dishes from all regions of Italy. The day begins with a rich breakfast buffet, which shines with many regional products. If you should be in the afternoon in the house, you can feast on our afternoon snack with homemade cakes every day between 15 to 18 clock. In the evening we invite you to our new dining room where we serve a 4-6-course gourmet menu at your choice. Our vital menus and fine vegetarian cuisine in organic quality as well as a salad and vegetable buffet make the evening meal a pleasurable event.

Regular fixed menus


Regular fixed menus As a gourmet hotel in the Dolomites, we can always come up with something special for you. Therefore, we will surprise you every Tuesday and Sunday with a 6-course gala dinner, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Thursday is our traditional barbecue and antipasto evening. On Saturday you also will find a buffet with delicious desserts. And about the quality of our wine cellar you can convince yourself again every night


Enjoying holidays in South Tyrol: Pleasure hotel for high performance

While you are traveling during the day to their hearts content in Laurin’s kingdom, we are preparing with abandon the dinner menus. We use all our art to make you feel our gourmet cuisine at Dosses as highlight of each day! As pleasure hotel we have earned a good reputation, which is important to redeem every evening anew.


Menus over several courses

Menus over several coursesIn your enjoyment holiday in South Tyrol we serve you in the evening pleasure and vital menus from 4 to 6 courses to choose from. Whether traditional South Tyrolean, Mediterranean or international cusine, we strive to serve you every day with special healthy food. Every Thursday we invite you to a barbecue and antipasto buffet evening, Saturdays to full-bodied dessert creations. Tuesdays and every Sunday you can enjoy a 6-course gala dinner. Every day fresh salads and vegetables from the buffet are available as well.


Fine wines from the wine cellar

Fine wines from the wine cellarIn our well-stocked wine cellar a delicious wine from South Tyrol and Italy suitable for your menù can always be found. To bless your enjoyment holiday in South Tyrol we organize for you upon request wine hikes to regional winemakers with wine tasting sessions. Because, as the saying goes: How the country, so the wine. And as pleasure hotel we offer only wines, which our proven expert are completely convinced of. Let yourself be best advised by our senior boss!


Healthy indulgence:
Our cuisine for your vital holiday


We must not fight in the traditional South Tyrolean and Mediterranean cuisine for taste. He’s just there – and how! To make this delicious treat for the palate permanently good for you, we are committed without reservation to the healthy cuisine, where only selected ingredients are used. We prefer local and organic products. As we are very down to earth and earthy. So you can let melt in your vital holidays the best products of our region on the tongue.


Only the best quality in the plate

Many ingredients come directly from the surrounding farms. Every day our chef personally selects with expert eye and prepares them fresh. Spicy mountain herbs from the Dolomites give our natural dishes a very special touch. You will taste the difference immediately. You have always the pleasant awareness that not only recipes but also tasty ingredients originate here in the region.


We cook vegetarian, lactose and gluten free

Do you prefer to renounce to meat? Try our vegetarian dishes we create with the same care as any other food. If lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance exists, please let us know. Your gourmet menu will be prepared as you wish. Nevertheless a good meal and the desire to come back are parts of a successful vital holiday.


Bed and breakfast in the Dolomites:
For breakfast, only the best


Just what you’ve been looking for a long time: celebrate your breakfast on holiday, as if every day would be Sunday. And you’re absolutely right. During the holidays, a good breakfast is one of the highlights of the day. You can have plenty of time to enjoy the service and enjoy delicacies that you may haven’t tasted for long time. Bed and breakfast in the Dolomites – that’s with us a small firework of taste to start the new day.


Rich and exquisite selection

Our sumptuous breakfast buffet will spoil you with many juices, different bread varieties, hot coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato, a large selection of cereals, nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits, South Tyrolean teas, local sausages, cheeses and many other South Tyrolean quality products. Try what your heart desires. It’s all available in a wide choice. Do you want a lactose or gluten-free breakfast? Please contact us in time. We take care of this!


Welcome on the sun terrace the day

Welcome on the sun terrace the dayIn the summer months you can enjoy your breakfast on our terrace. In front of the mountains you will find understand that a bed and breakfast in the Dolomites has a very special meaning and that only this is the trip worth.