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Summer vacation in the Dolomites:
Free way in Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park


The massif of Sciliar, the Seiser Alm, dark coniferous forests, clear mountain lakes and idyllic valleys, the overwhelming sight of the Rosengarten – where so many natural beauties are to be found in one place, you have free choice as an active holiday. Spend your summer holiday in the Dolomites in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park. And all outdoor needs will be fulfilled!

Here you can freely fulfil yourselves


Summer vacation in the DolomitesAround the Seiser Alm extend 450 kilometers of walking, panoramic tours, pasture crossings, huts, summit climbs – ie everything you wish for. On a mountain bike as well you can enjoy a fulfiled summer holiday in the Dolomites. Some of our trails are cozy enjoying routes for families – others have it all and run in stunning high altitude. By the way, do you climb? Then you are exactly right on Schlern whose walls are a poem for ambitious climbers.


On land, on water and in the air

You can explore the region around Tiers on the back of a Haflinger, take a dip in lake Völs, put on Tyrol’s oldest golf course, paraglide our beautiful country, takd part into running events – or even once just let your senses swinging, relax in our spa retreat and enjoy a fine wine in the glass of life. With us a summer holiday in the Dolomites is an overwhelming collection of possibilities. And who knows – maybe on holiday you can familiarise with new activities of which you did not even dare to dream last night?


Bath with mountain views: A refreshing trip to Lake Völs

Bath with mountain views: A refreshing trip to Lake VölsA hot summer day in the mountains. Top shimmering peaks of the Dolomites – and framed by meadows and forests a bathing pond glistens in the sun, which promises welcome refreshment. There are only eight large, for swimming suitable lakes in South Tyrol. And one of them, but not any you will find very near Tiers. The Vösler pond below the Schlern is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. He was honored 2015 by the environmental organization Legambiente as one of the country’s most exemplary ecosystems. There are many good reasons to make an occasional trip to Lake Völs during your vacation.


Pleasant temperature

Pleasant temperatureSwimming, pull the rowboat tracks or sunbathe – in Völs you can relax with the whole family: Unlike our cold mountain lakes here you can count with pleasant water temperatures around 22°C. By car you drive to Völs am Schlern and from there continue towards Seis. After about 1 km turn right to the lake parking lot. Of course, you can join a dip with a walk at the Schlern.


Riding vacations in the Dolomites:
Pull the saddle on mountain tour


Riding vacations in the DolomitesCourageously outreaching hooves in a picturesque mountain landscape – do you find this this link surprising? Not in South Tyrol! In the home of the famous Haflinger you can approach the mountains not only in walking boots or by mountain bike. Climb just on the saddle and make a horse holiday in the Dolomites, a very special and unforgettable nature experience.


A horse farm near the hotel

A horse farm near the hotelThe equestrian center Karersee is only 15 minutes away from our hotel. If you already have training in riding, you should have your bright pleasure when the tireless Haflinger move through hilly terrain. And if you have never ridden and now get fancy, then we can arrange horse riding lessons. You will see that already after a short training these patient and frugal horses can be leaded on excursions around Tiers. In your riding holiday in the Dolomites you can take guided tours and discover the beauty of hiking riding for yourselves.


The ideal mount for mountains

The ideal mount for mountainsOnly a few laps in the paddock – then trekking through meadows and through the woods: so might your riding holiday look like in the Dolomites. The Haflinger will show their absolute reliability on any route. Probably no other breed of horses is so sure and powerful in the mountains on the way. These and many other good qualities made our Haflinger famous far beyond the country’s borders. Here in Tiers you now have the opportunity to convince yourselves of the relaxed way these beautiful horses will bring you through our beautiful Dolomites.



Paragliding in the Dolomites:
High-altitude euphoria on the Seiser Alm


Paragliding in the DolomitesA quick start-up, still a powerful step – and you go into the air. The paraglider will bring you relaxed away like an eagle on the mountain pastures. A pure delight! Anyone who has experienced paragliding in the Dolomites can no longer escape this fascination. And even if you previously watched the colorful chutes just a spectator on the mountain slopes, you can make this incredible high-altitude experience now even on vacation.


Perfect starting place at Spitzbühl

Perfect starting place at SpitzbühlThe Schlern area near Bozen is the perfect site for paragliding activities. In the Dolomites, there is perhaps no better place to fly over as the Seiser Alm, that’s why Spitzbühl is a popular starting place. From our hotel, you do not have it so far. The chairlift takes you up to Spitzbühlhütte where the Eisacktal, the Ortles and many other well-known peaks spread in front of you. With good thermals you can start here as well as land. If you are there with other people, you can stay together even after the flight.


In tandem flight with a professional

Have you never even flown, but this time you want to watch the mountain scenery from the bird’s eye view? Tandem Fly Dolomiti and other providers bring you safely up and down again. Together with an experienced paraglider you can book a tandem flight and thus create a lasting holiday memory. Such a tandem flight is by the way also as a gift idea for the family or among friends. Of course, your little journey through heaven is also documented with photos. So you have a lot to tell at home and can say that, paragliding in the Dolomites, the dream of flying came true.