Bath with mountain views:
A refreshing trip to Lake Völs

A hot summer day in the mountains. Top shimmering peaks of the Dolomites – and framed by meadows and forests a bathing pond glistens in the sun, which promises welcome refreshment. There are only eight large, for swimming suitable lakes in South Tyrol. And one of them, but not any you will find very near Tiers. The Vösler pond below the Schlern is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. He was honored 2015 by the environmental organization Legambiente as one of the country’s most exemplary ecosystems. There are many good reasons to make an occasional trip to Lake Völs during your vacation.

Pleasant temperature

Swimming, pull the rowboat tracks or sunbathe – in Völs you can relax with the whole family: Unlike our cold mountain lakes here you can count with pleasant water temperatures around 22°C. By car you drive to Völs am Schlern and from there continue towards Seis. After about 1 km turn right to the lake parking lot. Of course, you can join a dip with a walk at the Schlern.

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